122.88MHz VCO PLL solution


         If customer would like to use 122.88MHz VCO via PLL lock to output 122.88MHz frequency. Reference frequency is 10MHz. Has any suggest PLL solution to lock 122.88MHz output?

         Is  ADF4002 suitable lock 122.88MHz output via 122.88MHz VCO? If yes, Has any reference schematics for it?  It is a urgent case. Thank you for support.  



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    More information is required for a proper response.  I'm not familiar with the ADF4002, but you would need an achievable common denominator for both 10MHz and 122.88MHz to use an integer PLL.  The other key input is the phase noise requirements.  You will need to determine if the PLL of choice meets the PN requirements of the application.  Also note that the amount of filtering required on the 10MHz reference will determine the loop filter bandwidth.  This as well will affect the phase noise.  I would suggest working with the customer in using either ADIsimPLL or ADIsimClk to help answer your question.