HMC7044 RFSYNC or SYNC Configuration


I'm trying to synchronize two HMC7044 Evaluation boards and I've reviewed a lot of the other forum posts on here but didn't see anything similar to my situation.

I understand SYNC is a better way to accomplish this compared to RFSYNC but my setup doesn't have a great way of getting a SYNC pulse that's synchronized with my reference clock generator. If my reference clock was coming from an FPGA like lots of other cases it'd be fine but in this configuration I think RFSYNC may be a better option but I'm not sure.

I saw another post on here about cascading HMC7044 boards and I do have outputs available on the HMC7044 boards that I'm using so I'm not sure if that's an option.

I'm just not sure how to get these boards in sync in the current configuration and any help would be greatly appreciated.