About the use and control of adf5610 and process problems. Ask for answers.

1.How does the ADF5610 evaluation board use the subband selection function of the software internal VCO register 0 (0x00h)? The output does not change after the corresponding register is written. What is the reason? If this function can be used, what is the output like when the frequency to be output is not in the manually selected subband?

The ADF5610 datasheet mentions that the automatically selected subband can be read out in Register0x10, but there is no value of this register on the software panel, and the value of the exported register value file is always 0. How do I get the corresponding frequency? Subband number?

3.Are autocalibration and temperature composite circuit of ADF5610 the same thing? Are they in the HMC704 chip? But HMC704 did not introduce relevant content.

4.What process chip is ADF5610?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 20, 2021 2:47 PM 1 month ago


    1. In order for this to work, you would need to write INT and FRAC for the corresponding sub-band selected also. Just changing the VCO sub-band will not change the output frequency. This is documented on p23 of the datasheet. 'Manual VCO Calibration for Frequency Hopping'.

    2. In the current hardware and software configuration, readbacks can not be performed. We are working on getting an interface that works. But for now, readbacks are not possible using this software interface and the customer eval board. 

    3. The temperature compensation circuit is within the autocalibration routine. When a desired frequency overlaps in two consecutive VCO bands, it will determine which band to use based on the temperature. e.g. if temp = -40C it selects the band where desired Vtune is in the lower end of the band. Because when temperature rises, the Vtune can increase. 

    4. The process is SiGe BiCMOS.