Problems with the AD2S99BPZ generator

The electrical circuit is implemented in accordance with the specification. FBEAS is connected to +5V. The problem is as follows: the frequency generation profile does not switch when setting the levels-5V and GND to SEL1 and SEL2. The value of the generated frequency remains in one state (usually 10kHz). when the power is removed and re-turned on, sometimes there is a transition to other profiles that do not correspond to the set configuration of SEL1 and SEL2. As it is written in the specification, the logical levels - 5V and GND are set before the main power supply is applied. Questions:
1) Which power supply is +5V or -5V?
2) Both +5V and -5V power supplies?
3) How critical is it to first turn on the power and then set the SEL1 and SEL2 configuration?
4) Why does AD2S99BPZ not respond to SEL1 and SEL2 configuration changes?

P.S. Adding 10kOhm series resistors and 0.1 UF parallel power capacitors to the SEL1 and SEL2 circuits had no effect.

  • The problem was solved by heating the microcircuit with a soldering hairdryer. Prior to that, the installation was carried out with an ordinary pole piece, which resulted in uneven heating of the microcircuit and, as a result, the distribution of thermal correction for the parameters of the semiconductors.
    A deviation of the values ​​of the output frequencies of the generation profiles was noticed by +/- 15%, when the microcircuit was heated with a hair dryer to a temperature of 80 * C.

    The question remains: How critical is the excess of 8 mA current consumption by the reference winding of the resolver? How will this affect the operation of the microcircuit? Is it acceptable to install series resistors in the reference winding circuit to reduce the load?