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AD9524 Unused Inputs and Outputs

Hello.  What should be done with the REFB+/- and ZD_IN+/- inputs if they are unused?  How about unused OUT+/- pins?  Thanks.


"Unused input pins" I assume you must be using single-ended CMOS mode.  In this case the unused input can be left open since t he circuits will be powered down by SPI register settings.

Output pins can be left open and powered down by SPI register settings.



  • Matt,

    The unused pins I'm asking about are REFB+, REFB-, ZD_IN+, and ZD_IN-.  I'm using REFA+ and REFA- as the reference input so REFB+ and REFB- are unused.  Also, I am not using the zero-delay inputs ZD_IN+ and ZD_IN-.


  • Hi Andy,

    The unused input pairs can be left open and there is a register bit to power down the entire receiver or channel in the case of an output.



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