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AD9523/PCBZ Evaluation Kit Input Voltage and Through Holes

I would like to test the AD9523 evaluation board inside of a computer case, however running the wall wart power to it is very cumbersome.  6V (or 2.2V and 4V) are not readily available in the case, but, since I'm using a standard computer power supply, 12V, 5V, and 3.3V are.  Looking at the DC to DC step down converter used on the evaluation kit (, it appears that the input power can be anywhere from 1V to 24V (though presumably it needs to be more than 4V for the stepdown).  I was going to try plugging in the 12V supply, but wanted to make sure it won't fry my board.

It also seems that mounting the board is quite difficult.  I was hoping to make a couple through holes, but wasn't sure if this was possible, particularly since it appears to be a 6 layer board with multiple power and ground planes.  It looks like it may be okay to make a through hole next to the power connector, and on the large silkscreen print (around "ANALOG DEVICES") without damaging any traces, then use nylon screws to ensure nothing shorts.  Would this work?