ADN2814 and Hotlink?

Has anyone used the ADN2814-7 family to extract the clock from a Cypress 167MHz Hotlink signal?  It would be good to know if this is a reasonable solution before I commit to a pcb.  Thanks, Dave

  • Hi Dave,

    I've moved this question to the Clock and Timing community.  Dongfeng will reply shortly!


  • Dear Dave,

    ADN2817 is one any rate CDR, which supports from 10Mbps upto 2.7Gbps, continuous mode (NRZ type, PRBS) data inputs.

    In ADN2817 family, if you are interested in the 167Mbps data link only, you might think about a cost down derivative: ADN2816.

    ADN2816 supports any rate input signals from 10Mbps upto 675Mbps.

    ADN2816 is a 3.3V device with CML differential input & LVDS differential outputs.

    You might need some ECL to CML or to LVDS logic level transfer work done when plug in the CDR to a Hotlink data link.

    Since you mentioned about ADN2814, ADN2816 is a pin to pin compatible CDR to ADN2814.

    Please get on Analog Devices product web site to get the ADN2816 datasheet.

    Let us know if you have any questions when you evaluate the ADN2816 EVB.

    Best Regards,

    Dongfeng Zhao

  • Dear Dave,

    Any update?

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    Dongfeng Zhao