Using AD9516-1 pre-installed on AD9789-EBZ eval board



I'm testing AD9789-EBZ (REV A) eval board, following the quick start guide many times, but can't get AD9516-1 chip to work.


First time, i connect 2Ghz clock from function generator directly to AD9789 via S1 (HF_DACCLK). Load AD9789_SPIsettings_Int_Sine_Wave.txt" file to eval board via usb cable using "AD9789 SPI" program, and there is a 120Mhz Sine wave in oscilloscope. So AD9789 is running.


Second, i want to generate 2.3Ghz clock using onboard AD9516. I connect 95.573Mhz / 0dBm ref clock to S6 (REF_CLK_IN of AD9516), move JP11 to position 2-3 to turn on AD9516 chip. After that, load "AD9516_SPI_settings_out0_out2_ref_95MHz.txt" file using "AD9516_Load" program , but nothing happen at output of AD9516.

LD test point of AD9516 alway at low level.


Please tell me if i setup hardware or software wrong.

I'm using win7 32 bit.