AD9518-1 - Script with registers settings

Dear supported

My customer is using the AD9518-1.


Required Fout= 122.88Mhz on out4 (780mv) . The external Reference clk on REF1 is 25Mhz.


Currently it seems like the PLL is not working,


  1. 1.      We get ~1.2Ghz from VCO + clocks on output0-5 depending on the dividers.
  2. 2.      We can’t control the PLL by changing P, R, A, B dividers parameters
  3. 3.      Turning the PLL on/Off (reg 0x10 = bits[1:0] =  2’b11/2’b00 . makes no change on output frequency.


Please advise.

Any scipt or registers settings file available?