AD9517-1 EVAL BOARD / USB connection failed


The AD9517-1A/PCBZ board I use is never detected by the AD9516_17_18 Evaluation Software rev. 2.1.1.

First, when connecting the board on any USB port, Windows is never able to install the corresponding driver.

Also, AD does not provide any driver for this board (this board uses a Cypress CY7C68013A56PVXC).

Does it mean that the driver for the Cypress chip is embedded in the software provided by AD ?

It seems tha case because the software says "USB Driver found"... but where ?

The UG-075 Manual does not specify anything on the driver installation.

When I try I/O / Select Evaluation Board, the Refresh List button finds no board.

I have also downloaded the CySuiteUSB_3_4_7_B204.exe provided by CYPRESS, but Windows

never accepts any driver even if I specify manually the driver location.

Do you have any idea of a possible solution ?

Do you confirm that the driver is integrated in the software ?

Do I miss something ?

Many thanks.


LAL, Orsay, France

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