ADIsimPLL + ADF4360-7 @ 400 MHz

Datasheet says that "ADF4360-7 can be used at many different frequencies simply by choosing the external inductors to give the correct output frequency." Graph on Fig.24 shows that if we need center frequency to be at 400MHz, value of both inductors should be ~25nH

But! ADIsimPLL (I'd tested 3.43 and 4.0 versions), after all preparation steps (details follow), shows schematics with both inductors equal 5.42 nH.

What Im doing wrong here?

Details of design:

Min/Max freq 400 MHz (I need exact fixed frequency)

PD freq 4.0 MHz

Reference 20.0 MHz

Loop filter: CPP_2C (I don't think its really matters, but still)

Lock detect: analogue OD