AD9517-4: SPI programming problem

Dear Sir,

we are trying to programm AD9517-4 via 4-four wire SPI. Prior to SPI data flow we set PD (power down) pin to low. Then we send

1. Write 0x99 to SPI Configuration Register to select 4-wire interface

MOSI: 0x00 0x00 0x99

2. Write Update-All Register (@ 0x232) to update registers

MOSI:  0x02 0x32 0x01

3. Read SPI Configuration Register to confirm previous programmed register values

MOSI: 0x80 0x00 0x00

4. Read Part ID... to read other registers

MOSI: 0x80 0x03 0x00

unfortunately we do not get any answer on the MISO line, even for the 3rd and 4th commands.(attached picture)

What are we missing here?

Should we set PD (Power Down) pin to high after command 2, i.e. the read commands should be sent when PD is high?


Orlando Peña