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Problems about high performance clock generators such as HMC830,HMC831,HMC832,HMC1034,HMC1035


I am looking for a proper clock generator at about 2.0GHz or 2.5GHz for an high speed acquisition system with e2v ADC EV10AQ190 which requires a sinewave sampling clock with jitter<150fs and clock duty between 48% and 52%. When choosing the clock generator and distributor, some problems make me confused.

(1). I find that some clock generators datasheet do not give the output waveform style, which is important for my design, i.e. sinewave or square wave(for HMC1034 & HMC1035, the rise/fall time parameters imply a square wave (the duty of HMC1034 is 40%-60%), but for HMC830, HMC831 & HMC832 no such parameter is given).

(2). Some of the chip datasheets do not give the clock duty (HMC830, HMC831 & HMC832), which is also import for my design.

(3). Some of the chip datasheets do not point out the waveform style of the reference clk.

It is difficult to make clear the difference between some similar chips except for output frequency.Can you give me some help or suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards

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