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HMC7043 Power supply regulator design with HMC7043 EVM board.

Dear Experts,

My customer is making the power supply regulator design for HMC7043. Could you please reply to the following questions?

Q1: The HMC7043 EVM board uses LT1963 for 3.3[V] power supplies of HMC7043. According to LT1963 datasheet, the maximum electrical current of LT1963 is 1.5[A].

On the other hand, the LT1963 in HMC7043 EVM board supplies the 3.3[V] voltage to some power supply pins such as VCC2_OUT, VCC3_OUT, VCC4_CLKIN, VCC5_SYSREF, VCC6_OUT and VCC7_OUT except VCC1_CLKDIST. The total electrical current value of the power supply pins connected to LT1963 is 1810[mA] = 250[mA] + 500[mA] + 25[mA] + 35[mA] + 500[mA] + 500[mA] for VCC2_OUT, VCC3_OUT, VCC4_CLKIN, VCC5_SYSREF, VCC6_OUT and VCC7_OUT, respectively.

So, the power supply regulator, LT1963 with maximum electrical current at 1.5[A] has been applied to the HMC7043 power supply pins with the maximum electrical current at 1.81[A] in the HMC7043 EVM board. Therefore, the LT1963 doesn't have electrical current capability enough for HMC7043.

Of course, LT1963 will be able to supply more than 1.5[A] in most of the conditions. Because the current limit is over 1.5[A] for most of the conditions. However, it will not be guaranteed by LTC probably.

The HMC7043 EVM board has been designed for:
1) Some and/or typical functional testing purposes.
2) The full functional testings with all of the conditions including corner cases and the really full operations.

Which is correct, the above descriptions?

Please advise my customer about your feedback on the above electrical current capability issue in the HMC7043.

Q2: My customer should put the power supply regulator which can support the maximum electrical current value at 1935[mA].

Is it correct?

Please advise my customer about your reply to the above question.

1935[mA] = 1810[mA] + 125[mA] (VCC1_CLKDIST).

Thanks and regards.