hmc1033,please help me, thanks

I configuration my hmc1033 board  with  the procedure,generation 500MHz clock:

HMC1033_Write(0x0A,0x2006); //reg A
HMC1033_Write(0x0F,0x81); //reg f
HMC1033_Write(0x07,0x14d); // reg7

HMC1033_Write(0x0B,0xF8061);//reg b
HMC1033_Write(0x0C,0x0); //reg c

HMC1033_Write(0x02,0x02); //XTAL R,Step1 reg 2
HMC1033_Write(0x06,0x2003CA);//A/B Mode,Step2 reg6
HMC1033_Write(0x09,0x10F264);//Charge Pump,Step3 reg 9

HMC1033_Write(0x05,0xFf88); // vco 01
HMC1033_Write(0x05,0xF98); // vco 3
HMC1033_Write(0x05,0x48B8); // vco 7
HMC1033_Write(0x05,0x0); //vco 0

HMC1033_Write(0x03,0x50); //reg 3
HMC1033_Write(0x04,0x0); //reg 4
HMC1033_Write(0x05,0x210); //VCO Subsystem,Step4 vco2

in the first palce,my hmc1033 can  generation 500MHz clock,but  the lock Detect pin is still low  ,and   a  few minutes,then output change,like the figure 2..  please help me why?and how to configuration the hmc1033?