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How do I program  AD9518-4 from ADIsimCLK?

I have updated the eval board software using AD9516_17_18_Evaluation_USB_Flash_Programmer.

I can communicate with the board using the AD9516_17_18_evaluation_software_full_install

I have manually installed the drivers on the computer so the board is identified as "ADI Evaluation System (LRFDev)"

BUT the "Program Chip" is grayed out.

I see that I should check that the ADIsimCLK actually supports the board in question but I have no idea of where to find such information.

  • Dear Bjla,

    > I have manually installed the drivers on the computer so the board is identified as

    > "ADI Evaluation System (LRFDev)" BUT the "Program Chip" is grayed out.

    This is a feature that we wanted to add, but ended up not having enough demand to justify the resources to adequately implement and test. That said, the AD9518 doesn't have too many settings, and this user's guide should help: 

    The key parameters to make note of from SimCLK are the Input frequency, R divider, charge pump current, and VCO frequency. After that, it's easy to work from within the evaluation software to configure the part, and you're welcome to contact me again if something isn't working.

    -Paul Kern

  • Thank you for a very prompt answer!

    I have allready read the UG-075 and, of course, I could extract the

    information from the simulatins to the proper register settings.

    It would however reduce the human errors in the process and we would

    know that what we simulated is what we actually wrote to the circuit...

    We kind of bought the eval-kit solely to be able to get ADIsimCLK to

    write the text file with the settings data. The documentation said that

    the text file was written only after connecting to the board.

    The cost of the eval kit was way lower than the cost of me sitting a few


    Well, it is the way it is. I can at least use the kit to debug the linux

    softare config algorithms over SPI using a ribbon cable to the bus on

    the board.

    Thanks again!


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  • Hello Bjorn,

    The only thing you need SimCLK for is the loop filter design, and most of the parameters for SimCLK are ones that you enter.

    For instance, when running SimCLK, you specify the following in the configuration section:

    1. Fin/Fout, the PFD freuqency, desired loop BW, and Icp (charge pump current), and whether you're using a 3rd order loop filter (which I recommend).

    For these settings: I recommend (unless you have a compelling reason to do otherwise):

    1. 3rd order filter

    2. Setting Icp to 1.8mA (so that you have room to adjust either way)

    3. About 65 deg of phase margin.

    The only thing you need to know for the evaluation software is:

    Fin, Fout, Icp, R div and N div. You already know these as R div = Fin/Fpfd.

    Here's what I recommend: Make an attempt at the register settings, and then email me the SimCLK file and eval software (.STP) file (mailto: ),  and I'll check it.


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