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HMC6832 & HMC987

On the HMC6832, 

  1. are there any phase noise plots on the part, the data sheet does not show any information on close in noise at higher frequency’s, my operating range would be from ~500 to 3200MHz
  2. The data sheet in figure 12 shows relative output to output skew on the evaluation board, is there any skew data on the part itself? I am wanting to match up multiple high speed converters to sub picosecond clock delays…


On the HMC987,

  1. Re figure 4, is there any skew data for the part itself?
  2. Is there any additional phase noise data on this part? In particular anything near 3.2 and 6.4 GHz?
  • The HMC987 eval board will not introduce additional skew between outputs when the outputs are terminated in identical loads.  Each output is connected to the sma via a controlled impedance equal length (2728 mils) trace. 

    The HMC987 residual phase noise is very small.  In typical applications only the noise floor differs between input and output phase noise.  Figure 14 plots the noise floor at 100MHz, 2GHz and 4GHz.

  • Thankyou for the response. So, is Figure 14 phase noise/slew rate is for the evaluation board or the device itself? Was there any plots taken on the part itself? Are you able to help on the HMC6832?

  • The residual PN of HMC6832 is also very low. A typical measurement result at 2GHz is as follows:
    -151dBc/Hz @ 1kHz
    -158dBc/Hz @ 10kHz
    -161dBc/Hz @ 100kHz

    and noise floor is given for different frequencies and different conditions in Figures 22 to 29.

    Figure-12 shows the de-embedded results so there is not any effect from evaluation board. Additionally all RF traces are matched in the eval board, it does not affect the skew between ports.