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Does AD9545 support 1.8V CMOS single-ended output mode?


   I want to use AD9545 to output 1.8V CMOS single-ended mode, but I see from the specification that it only supports HCSL and CML single-ended mode, and the level is only around 0.7V, page 18.I want to output 1.8V CMOS single terminal, what should I do?


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  • HI,

    you are right. I was wrong about AD9508 and the CMOS outputs. For some reason, I only looked at the spec table and I did not interpret it correctly. I am very sorry for creating confusion.

    The ADCLK846 is a pure fan-out buffer. It does not divide the inputs. It just distributes them.

    The AD9508 instead can divide the inputs as you said. 


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