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AD9528 vs HMC7044


We will be designing a custom based board based on ADRV9008-2 with Xilinx FPGA. With regard to that out of AD9528 or HMC7044 which one will be providing better performance



  • the same question, but in board with 2x ADRV9026 + Kintex 7

  • HI,

    the AD9528 can be used with a Crystek 122.88 MHz VCXO ( CVHD-950-122.880, the one it populates as Y2 on the AD9528 evaluation board) to provide DEVCLK to ADRV9026. Keep RF PLL BW to at least 200 kHz, so EVM levels 5 to 7 dB lower than -40 dB can be obtained.

    The AD9528 is used on the ADRV9008 evaluation board, so the AD9528 should provide the right DEVCLK to the ADRV9008 as well.

    I do not support HMC7044, so I cannot state anything about it.

    These questions should be posted on the ADRV community websites, so the apps engineers supporting the ADRV chips are able to provide their inputs.