AD9528 - Using the ADI Evaluation Board to Communicate with device on OEM board

Would appreciate help with a query regarding the AD9528.

We are using the AD9528 to generate the clocks for some Talise chips. We have an assembled board with the AD9528 and Talise chips on it. I'm looking into communicating with the AD9528 using the Analog Devices Evaluation board. Am thinking of wiring across the SPI interface from the Evaluation board to our board. Am not sure of this and would thus appreciate further details on best way to do this if at all possible.

Many thanks.


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 23, 2020 4:48 PM 11 months ago


    I do not understand very well why you would want to do this. We recommend to configure the chip using the evaluation software, verify it on the evaluation board, then take the registers saved into the stp file and use them in your system.

    Anyway, to connect the evaluation board to an external AD9528 on your own board, I believe you should do the following:

    - the serial port signals are available at connector P5, so you can connect the terminals to the AD9528 on your board

    - you need also to connect the ground of the evaluation board to your board.

    - You have the 3.3V_USB supply of the board available at pin 1 of P4. Ideally, you would have the same supply for both boards. As this is usually not possible, just make sure your board is also supplied at 3.3 V, so the serial port signals have the expected amplitude.

    - see that the evaluation software also uses other signals to exchange information with the AD9528

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 23, 2020 4:53 PM 11 months ago in reply to pminc48

    Continuing my previous message:

    - I see that the evaluation software also uses other signals to exchange information with the AD9528: RESET_B, STATUS0 and STATUS1. You have them available at various test pins (RESET_B at RESETB test pin) and STATUS0 and STATUS1 available at J8 and J9 connectors.

    - You have to avoid the contention with the AD9528 that populates the eval board. Try powering it down by taking out the jumper at P11.

    Please note that I never tried this and I gave you these recommendations only by studying the schematic.