Crystal Oscillator circuit in LTC6957 datasheet

We need to distribute a 3V p-p 10MHz clock to several devices.

We are considering using the LTC6957 + a clock buffer (i.e. CDCVF2310).

We are thinking of using a 10MHz crystal (i.e. ABM3BAIG) as the input into the LTC6957.

We noticed that on Page 34 of the LTC6957 datasheet, there is a Crystal Oscillator application example using a 10MHz crystal.

For this circuit, what is the input voltage?  We see that the output is a 300mV p-p square wave.

Which component values in the circuit need to be adjusted to change the output voltage?

Do you have any input and output waveforms you can share for this circuit?

What are the benefits or drawbacks to perhaps using something like the LTC6908 instead?