ADF4157 relation between Icp and Loop filter design


I am using EV-ADF411XSD1Z eval kit with ADF4157.

According to the datasheet the value in DB[27:24] set the charge pump current setting. This should be set to the charge pump current that the loop filter is designed with.

Can you please help on the values to be used for R2  and DB[27:24] (Icp value), where the values for C1, C2, C3 are 100pf, 1.5nf and 22pf respectively.

Rfout 401300000 401.3 MHz
N 40
Fmsb 532
Flsb 3932
D 0 0 means no doubing
R 1 preset divide ratio is 1
T 0 REFin no div needed
REFin 10000000 10MHz refin provided
Fpfd 10000000

Thank you.