AD9683 EVAL board FMC connector


It seems to me that the FMC connector of the AD9683 are not according to the VITA 57 standard. The connector's connection seems to be flipped. Like A is actually K, B is actually J and so on. This is according to the AD9683 EVAL FMC schematic. I assume the connections are corrected at the layout of the board. However, there is no way to validate this, since I cannot find the Gerber files of this EVAL board.

I need to connect this board to another EVAL board with an FPGA to test the AD9683. The eval board is on the way, but I want to know if I have to design an interposer board to correct the schematic error. So that the FMC connector of the boards can properly connect.

Can anybody help me out here, as if there are Gerber files of the AD9683_170EBZ FMC board? Or tell me that yes it corrected at the layout level.