Hi ,

In one  of my custom board which is processing 12.5kHZ ACOUSTIC SIGNAL,i hv used LTC1068-50 for realizing one band pass stage. I have used filter cad software to get schematics using this IC with reference to my requirements 

The schematics i got from filter cad is attached here . The ckt was working fine with continuous time sinusoidal input . But my application is like , i have to send a burst signal such as 2 or 5 cycles of sine wave for a short duration and repeats this after every  say repetition interval . The BPF output is not seems to be correct when i m  checking with burst input. If i give 2 cycles of sine wave (12.5khz) then at the output of BPF .i m observing a ringing effect and getting almost 10 cycles which is not desirable. attaching the oscilloscope wave forms (both input and output of bpf along wt fft) which i hv observed. As my board design is completed and I cant do a big alteration in board right now , i need to get a solution for this,

Can someone help me to find out why this ringing effect is happening at BPF output for burst inputs and how i can resolve this?Kindly give a solution as earliest as my further activities wt board  is  delayed  because of the same issue