HMC911- time delay precision solution

Does ADI have an accurate delay solution?I need a delay of 1 to 50ps. After looking at the relevant models, I think HMC911 is quite suitable, but there are still a few problems:

1) the delay precision is so high, how to ensure the control voltage precision?Is it better to use DAC?

2) the output signal amplitude is too small. If there is a conditioning circuit in the later stage, how to ensure the accuracy and error of the conditioning circuit?

3)The relationship between control voltage and output delay time is not given in the manual, so you have to debug yourself to know.

4)Delay resolution and rise time are described similarly in the delay chips of AD9501 and HMC.

For example, AD9501 has a Delay Resolution of 10 ps .But 3.5 nS  it takes to go up, to go down, to set up time? Is that a contradiction?What's the relationship? I need 10ps delay,but the setting time is 3.5ns,more than 10ps.

  • Hi,

    What is the delay precision you'd like to achieve? You might use different time delay parts but both propagation delay and delay steps might have variation over part to part, temperature and frequency within certain tolerances which are characterised in the datasheet.

    A reasonable approach could be to probe the signal and feed it to a phase detector maybe to form a closed loop with a feedback.

    An alternative path might be using HMC856 digital time delay with 3ps delay resolution.