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HMC835 manual calibration mode


    The subband of HMC835 is obtained by reading back, and then the register configuration in manual calibration mode is used, Reg 0Ah = 00084350h; Reg 15h = 0F4BE3A8h; the initialization frequency is 2150MHz, but it has been out of lock. How to configure the register in manual calibration mode? Register configuration is as follows:

    Reg 00h=00002000h;

    Reg 01h=00000308h;

    Reg 02h=00000110h;

    Reg 05h=00000028h;

    Reg 06h=030F0A30h;

    Reg 07h=200A4438h;

    Reg 08h=41BFFF40h;

    Reg 09h=54726448h;

    Reg 0Ah=00084350h;

    Reg 0Bh=07C02158h;

    Reg 0Ch=00000060h;

    Reg 0Fh=00000178h;

    Reg 14h=000220A0h;

    Reg 15h=0F4BE3A8h;

    Reg 16h=0006C1B0h;

    Reg 17h=0001ABB8h;

    Reg 18h=0054C1C0h;

    Reg 19h=000AAAC8h;

    Reg 1Ah=B29D0BD0h;

    Reg 03h=00002B18h;

    Reg 04h=00000020h;