Using PLL2 directly in HMC7044


I am trying to understand the possible ways in which I can use HMC7044 to generate clocks to drive fast wideband RF ADC (like the AD9208).  But I have 2 questions:

(1) How do I simply make HMC7044 run from a 10MHz reference input (from another lab source) if I didn't care about jitter/synch performance: do I have to input that to PLL1 as one of its inputs (say CLKIN0) or can I just bypass PLL1 and input that source directly to the OSCIN input to work with PLL2 (without PLL1)?  And using the Evaluation Kit (EVAL-HMC7044), which has an on-board VCXO connected to PLL1 already, can I disable this somehow so that I can use the OSCIN input to inject the external 10MHz reference directly to drive PLL2?

(2) Another more general question is this: if I didn't care about locking to a external reference signal or synch with any source at all, and only wanted to use HMC7044 as a standalone clock generator, how can I use PLL2 only without caring about the inputs of PLL1 (i.e. no connections to inputs)? Is that possible? If yes, can you please explain how?

Many thanks