HMC7043 RESERVED registers (confusion with GUI)


According to datasheet  table 40 we should set registers 0x009F to value 0x4D and 0x00A0 to value 0xDF.

Exported python script from HMC7043 Configuration GUI gives us this:

//reg_98[7:0] = 0x0
dut.write(0x98, 0x0)

//reg_99[7:0] = 0x0
dut.write(0x99, 0x0)

//reg_9A[7:0] = 0x0
dut.write(0x9A, 0x0)

//reg_9B[7:0] = 0xAA
dut.write(0x9B, 0xAA)

//reg_9C[7:0] = 0xAA
dut.write(0x9C, 0xAA)

//reg_9D[7:0] = 0xAA
dut.write(0x9D, 0xAA)

//reg_9E[7:0] = 0xAA
dut.write(0x9E, 0xAA)

//reg_9F[7:0] = 0x55
dut.write(0x9F, 0x55) <<<<< ???

//reg_A0[7:0] = 0x56
dut.write(0xA0, 0x56) <<<<< ???

//reg_A1[7:0] = 0x97
dut.write(0xA1, 0x97)

//reg_A2[7:0] = 0x3
dut.write(0xA2, 0x3)

//reg_A3[7:0] = 0x0
dut.write(0xA3, 0x0)

//reg_A4[7:0] = 0x0
dut.write(0xA4, 0x0)

//reg_AD[7:0] = 0x0
dut.write(0xAD, 0x0)

//reg_AE[7:0] = 0x8
dut.write(0xAE, 0x8)

//reg_AF[7:0] = 0x50
dut.write(0xAF, 0x50)

//reg_B0[7:0] = 0x9
dut.write(0xB0, 0x9)

//reg_B1[7:0] = 0xD
dut.write(0xB1, 0xD)

//reg_B2[7:0] = 0x0
dut.write(0xB2, 0x0)

//reg_B3[7:0] = 0x0
dut.write(0xB3, 0x0)

//reg_B5[7:0] = 0x0
dut.write(0xB5, 0x0)

//reg_B6[7:0] = 0x0
dut.write(0xB6, 0x0)

//reg_B7[7:0] = 0x0
dut.write(0xB7, 0x0)

//reg_B8[7:0] = 0x0
dut.write(0xB8, 0x0)

Is this OK?

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