AD9576 LVPECL input and1.8V CMOS OUTPUT

Let me ask following 2, please.

① LVPECL(AC)  Would it correspond to input?

②Is 3.3V also OK for VDD at the time of 1.8V CMOS output choice?

  • HI,


    On AD9576, the outputs support HSTL, LVDS and 1.8 CMOS.

    The data sheet states that if LVPECL outputs are desired, just select HSTL and the ac couple the outputs, which practically means placing a capacitor in series with each output pin before driving the load.

    I do not understand very well your question about LVPECL corresponding to an input. The reference inputs of the AD9576 can be differential (with the characteristics from Table 4, page 6 in rev A data sheet) or CMOS single ended (with the characteristics given on the same page).


    Regarding your second question, the answer is yes. The supply of the chip can be 2.5V±5% or 3.3V±5%, while the outputs can be 1.8V CMOS, HSTL and LVDS

    Thank you very much