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ADCLK948 unused input/output pin question

Hi there, 

some questions about ADCLK948. Input is 200MHZ LVDS, 7 LVPECL outputss.

1. We use LVDS input AC coupled to ADCL948 on CLK0 diffrential inputs according to figure21 in datasheet. How should we deal with UNUSED inputs(CLK1, VREF1, VT1) and UNUSED outputs?

2. How should we choose the bypassing capacitor value on VREF0 ?

3. How should we choose the input AC coupling  capacitors value? 

Thanks. Happy New Year!

  • hi If you coma back from holiday,  anyone help comfim on this? Thanks. 

  • Hi,


    1. As the figure 21 shows, internally, the CLKx pins are tied to VTx through 50ohm resistors. So if CLK1 and CLK1B are not used, I propose to left them unconnected, tie VT1 to VREF1 and put 0.1uF capacitors on VT1 and VREF1 pins (as the evaluation board has).
    2. I propose to use the VREF0 bypassing capacitor value used in the evaluation board, which is 0.1uF. The chip characteristics given in the data sheet have been measured on a similar circuit, so this value ensures the chip functions as stated.
    3. Please use the ac coupling capacitors used in the evaluation board, that is 0.1uF. As the data sheet states an ac output max frequency (which means a max input frequency as well) of 4.8GHz typical, it means the ac coupling capacitors used in the evaluation board function well over the range.


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  • Hello Petre,

    Can you please suggest what should be done with the unused output clocks?

    In my design I have left Q5 & Q5# un-connected. Remaining outputs are used.

    If this is a mistake and will the other outputs get distorted due to this?