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I am trying to use the HSC-ADC-EVALCZ and AD9279 to send data directly to MATLAB. As per the other forum:, I modified the MATLAB code to be in the directory of the HadBoardApi.dll and the FPGA path was set to Octal_High_Speed.bin as there are not specific FPGA binary file for AD9278/AD9279.

Since I am using MATLAB 64-bit version, I added the line of code further explained in the forum: to get around the compatibility issue. But unfortunately, running the part of code HadBoardApi.HadBoard.FindBoards() does not give any result or as it cannot detect the board when the HadBoardApi.HadBoard.BoardCount is called showing 0.

The board connection is properly working and I can see the signals in the VisualAnalog. 

Would you be able to please suggest what the problem is? 

I am attaching the image for the reference to the problem as given by MATLAB

Best Regards

Sitansu Sekhar