AD9544/PCBZ & ACE does not work

Hi all,

Our customer has start to evaluate the AD9544/PCBZ & ACE, but does not work, and can not evaluate !

AD9544 Evaluation Board User Guide

Known Issues

The AD9544 plug-in may not work correctly with latest version of ACE.

If that happens, notify ADI immediately.

While the issue is being resolved, an older version of ACE can be downloaded here:ACE Version 1.8.2607.1073 Installer

Following, the customer setting to try at 2 case is,

ACE 1.10.2671.1118

ACE 1.8.2607.1073

Window 10

Window 7

1. ACE 1.10.2671.1118 & Window 10 / Window 7

2. ACE 1.8.2607.1073 & Window 10 / Window 7

In either case ACE does not recognize the evaluation board (AD9544) correctly.


Please advise to us, for starting to evaluate !

Best regards,


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 13, 2018 1:41 PM

    Hi sss,

    We believe the EEPROM that identifies what chip is populated on your AD9544 evaluation board was loaded with code corresponding to the AD9545, not the AD9544

    Therefore, you need to rewrite the EEPROM with the tool that you can download from the link below, to make it suitable for the AD9544. Just select the AD9544 Eval Board in the “Select Evaluation Board Identity” menu and then click on Program EEPROM menu.


    FTP location à

    Direct Link à

    Thank you


  • Hi , we also encounter the same problem with AD9544/PCBZ  board.  The ACE recognizes it to AD9545 with both the lasted and  the older version of ACE with both windows 7 and windows 10. 

    It looks as follows:

    We also tried to rewrite the EEPROM,  however it not working neither. 

    We tried every solution we could find, please advise us. Thank you.

    Best regards,


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Feb 19, 2019 2:19 PM in reply to Cghost

    Hi chghost,

    when reprogramming the EEPROM, did you first take out the P502 jumper? This jumper, when installed, write protects the EEPROM. So please try again the reprogram the CYUSB EEPROM while having P502 jumper out. 

    Also, please do not post the same question twice.

    Best regards


  • Hi Petre,

    Thank you for your quick reply and valuable advise. It is indeed the P502 jumper problem which made the rewrite of EEPROM failure, and now the ACE could recognize the AD9544 correctly. However, we have encounter some other issues when doing further evaluations. 

    1, When we use external clock input from J400, we get correct output from OUT0A , OUT0B and OUT0C.

    2, However when we input signal from REFA or REFAA, we can not enable REFA or REFAA from ACE software. Also we cannot active DPLL0 and we cannot get any output signals.  Our purpose  is to phase lock an external signal to remove jitters.  

    Following pictures are the snipping figures of our settings in ACE. 

    Would you be kindly to tell us what's wrong with our settings? We would be greatly appreciate if you could help us solve this problem.

    All the best,

    Chen Huan 

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Feb 22, 2019 1:35 PM in reply to Cghost

    Hi Chen Huan,

    The second picture you attached shows the board being unavailable (see message at bottom left). So it is not clear to me if you are in the end able to connect to the board through ACE. If everything works correctly, after you launch ACE while the board is plugged, you should get a screen showing the board being attached (State=Good).

    Then, the first screen seems to show you selected the crystal oscillator as having 50 MHz. We produced boards that have Y3 either a 49.152MHz or a 52 MHz crystal. Look under the board to see what crystal you have. This may be the cause why the chip does not consider the references as valid signals. Then make sure these references meet the specifications illustrated in Table 5, page 7, rev 0 data sheet.

    best regards