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What's recommend for 10ch output and CMOS/TTL PLL

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our customer is searching the PLL for 1ch-input, 10ch-output, CMOS/TTL-output.

This is replace for the other maker PLL's EOL.

So at 1st I suggested your AD9516-4 but it was LVPECL, not CMOS/TTL.

I could not catch the other product well.

Do you have a good solution for this?

Here is additional info.

6 output=80MHz

4 output=26.67MHz


Thanks Kaos

  • Hi Paul,


    I will check well later, so I can do the beST suggestion to our customer.

    Than you again Kaos

  • Dear Kaos,

    The AD9516-4 (and AD9517-4 for that matter) has up to 8 CMOS outputs as each LVDS output can be reconfigured into two CMOS outputs. You could use an AD9513 (driven by one of the AD9517 LVPECL drivers) to get enough outputs.

    Alternatively, the one chip that I'm sure can do what you want is the AD9522-4, although it's a little bit overkill in that it has up to 24 CMOS outputs.

    -Paul Kern