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AD9522 and ADISIMCLK not configuring 800MHz Output

I am thinking of using the AD9522-0 in a new design. I am playing with ADISIMCLK (version 1.70.04) but I cannot seem to configure it to get a 800MHz output. Is there a bug in the tool that stops me from selecting divide by 1 as the VCO divider?

  • Hi adiup,

    The AD9522-0 has an internal VCO frequency range of 2.53GHz - 2.95GHz. That frequency range does not support an integer divide to create 800MHz at the output. The tool is not letting you set the VCO divider by 1 because of the internal VCO frequency exceeding the maximum frequency into the channel dividers, which is 1.6GHz.

    AD9522-1 supports a VCO frequency range of 2.27GHz - 2.65GHz. That may be a better option. The VCO frequency can be set to 2.4GHz and the VCO divider set to 3 to produce 800MHz.

    Hopefully this is helpful in selecting the appropriate clock generator for your application.