How to communicate to the CN-0349 using an external host (ARDUINO)

Hi All,

I am having trouble communicating with the cn-0349 board. I understand how to operate the part and have written C code based upon some code that works for the AD5933. I understand that the I2C allows for the communication with the AD5934 and the ADG715 parts on the board.

I have purchased the SDP boards and have confirmed them to work with the cn-0349 and with calibration solutions.

On the wiki page it says 

"The host can be a MCU platform, FPGA platform, or PC with USB to I2C converter, or any type of programmable platform which has an I2C interface."

So I decided to use an Arduino microcontroller to attempt to get conductivity measurements.

However I am having trouble communicating to the board, using the Arduino. From the cn-0349 schematic it has internal pull up resistors so I don't think I need external 10k resistors to 3.3v . 

So I just connected the SDA, SCL, 3.3v, and GND pins from the cn-0349 to the respective pins on the Arduino.

Running i2C scanner codes show that the Arduino picks up no devices, however I know that there are two devices to communicate to. The code is attached below.

I am not sure what the deal is, because communicating to I2C shouldn't be this hard.

I read on the wiki page that:

The power supply for the CN0349 board minimum current requirement is 300mA. The power supply for CN0349 must provide this current with minimum voltage drop. Otherwise the permanent damage of CN0349 may occur.

The arduino 3.3v pins can only supply 200mA I believe. Is this the problem, because 300mA seems kinda high?

Has anyone used this board on a different host other than the SDP?