Demo Board 1792A (LTC2756) is no more recognized by DC590B


I don't know if I am here in the right Blog.

I have already successfully connected Demo Board 1792A (LTC2756) to DC590B and was running Qick Eval software.

Unfortunately I had a short circuit / false connection somewhere and now the DC950B is not recognized from Qick Eval any more.
seems USB connection is dead.

Fortunately I have another DC590B. This is recognized. But when I connect the demo board 1792A to DC950B it says that the demo board is recognized, but can not read the device information from eeprom.
If the eeprom on the Demo Board is damaged, is there any possibility to repair it by myself?
Is it possible to supply the necessary device file (ltc2756.ini ?) otherwise? Is it for download?

A quick response would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Kind regards


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  • Hi,

    thanks for your fast response!

    Maybe I am blind, but I can't see your attachment? How can I download it?
    What hardware do I need to program the EEPROM?
    Is it possible to do it with DC590B?
    Or do I have to connect the EEPROM inputs to an external programmer?


    Aditionaly I have to check voltage regulators and the other ICs first. So it will take some time.
    I will let you know if I am having further troubles. 

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