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how to open cn0359 source code on windows using eclipse


I've a basic question on setting up the software development environment to open and modify the source code for CN0359 provided on one of links on the webpage -

I have downloaded the zip files of "EVAL-CN0359-EB1Z Rev A Files" as well as "EVAL-CN0359-EB1Z Rev 0 Files" on my windows machine.

I also have tried to install and launch eclipse-IDE from

But when I try to open the project CN0359 through eclipse I keep getting various errors such as "Program "arm-none-eabi-gcc" not found in PATH". These are just one of the many errors that I encounter. Is there a quick-start guide on how to setup the desktop IDE for the CN0359 source code? Are there any other softwares that I need to or should install in order to play with the software for CN0359.

Eventually I would like to modify the existing source code per my needs and create a new binary that I can load on the CN0359 eval board. I plan to use a windows machine for my experiments.

Any pointers regarding this would be of great help.