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CN-0428 electrochemical sensor


I am having a electrochemical sensor like following and would like to find a platform to test.

I have 1 pcs of CN-0428 on hand. Could CN-0428 be modified and compatible to electrochemical sensor?

In CN-0428, it is compatible to PH probes. Since it is one kind of electrochemical sensor, I assume CN-0428 should work well with electrochemical sensor.

Could ADI advise if CN-0428 work with sensor?

in ADuCM355 hardware guide UG-1262, the following is the connection for electrochemical sensor.

However, CN-0428 connection is for PH like following without CE potentiostat amplifier:

Appreciate if you advise how ADuCM355 can work with electrochemical sensor.

Thank for your help in advance.

Thank you.