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Long Range IR Sensor(Emitter and Receiver) and Phototransistor for Audio/Voice Data

Hi Team,


Greetings from Nav Wireless Technologies Pvt Ltd.


I am working for the development of the Bidirectional IR Transceiver for Audio/Voice data at the transmitter end and Photodiode at the receiver end.


Audio/Voice Transmission over IR as a one device and on the other end with 10 Meter distance want to receive the same Audio/Voice signal and play that audio/voice over speaker.


I want to increase the range of IR transmitters which can transmit data over 10 meter distance and on the other end want to receive the same and play that data on speaker.

Can you suggest technical selection criteria for IR Sensor(At Transmitter end) and same for Phototransistor(At Receiver end) all for long range.

Can you suggest the best possible solution.



Hardik Raval

+91 9924319427

  • Hi Hardik Raval,

    This is more of an application-specific question that we may not be able to answer. To my knowledge, Analog Devices does not make an "audio-in, IR driver out", IR-in, audio out" pair.

    Can you compare the application to something that may exist already? For example - infrared wireless microphones, or something similar?

    Were you intending on transmitting digitally, or modulating the audio in the analog domain?

    What are the SNR/THD/frequency range requirements?

    What are your requirements for rejecting ambient light and other interferers?

    Would Bluetooth work, or do you have to use infrared?

    Again, just asking some application-level questions that might help you narrow down your options. If a commercial solution exists, then that might be a better option than trying to design this sort of thing from scratch.