CN0276, AD8397ARDZ replacement with wider temperature range

I'm working on a circuit as shown in CN0276.

Can someone recommend an OpAmp replacement of AD8397 with temp. range of -40 to 125 C?


  • Hi SAM25,

    It looks like the options for a single device with equal or greater output drive are limited - LT1210 looks like one option:|1|2&sort=0,asc&p2840=22|44&p5002=300m|2&d=s14|2687|5002|4502|300|4095|2839|2840&ps14=|-40%20to%20125%C2%B0C|-40%20to%20175%C2%B0C|-55%20to%20125%C2%B0C

    You might consider the exact requirements of your particular resolver (do you have a part number?) - if you don't need the full 310mA output drive current, there may be other options. Dropping the output current to 100mA in the previous search shows the AD811.

    Also consider asking in the op-amp forum (or we can move this question there.)