S11 in HF Range


I am looking for an eval kit to measure S11 in part of the HF frequency range (5-20 Mhz). I found CN0507 is a complete solution except it works in 1.7GHz frequency range. Is there a similar solution for the lower frequency range as well? If not, is there any documentation on how to make one by combining other parts?

Thank you.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Sep 25, 2021 2:02 PM

    Hi mmr and apologies for the delay. We really don't have any reference designs that cover that frequency range directly. Are you looking for a one-off piece of test equipment, or are you designing a VNA into a product?

    If the former - it will be hard to beat some of the low-cost VNAs out there, do a web search on "nanovna". If you want to build one, there are a number of open designs out there as well - https://www.makarov.ca/vna_main.htm for example (linked here because it uses ADI parts, but there are others.) Many of these show up in the ham radio universe, so that would be a great place to look.

    If the latter, that would be a ground-up development effort, and you'd have to clearly define what your requirements are - noise floor, accuracy, sweep time, etc.