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When we try flashing the example code to the EVAL-ADICUP360 we get a "Probe not found" error. This is with CMSIS DAP debugger option, using debug USB port on the EVK.

What could we be missing? We expected this to be a straight forward task.


  • Hi armnow,

    The first thing that I would look at is the switch position and jumper positions on the EVAL-ADICUP360, this is a place where you could get into trouble if not set properly.  Make sure the shunts are across J3 and J4, and the switch settings are set to "S1=0,S2=0,S3=1,S4=0" For complete documentation please have a look at the user guide page (EVAL-ADICUP360 Base Board [Analog Devices Wiki])

    Could you provide me with a little more information?  Are you using CrossCore Embedded Studio for the programming?  If not, I would suggest trying this IDE because that is the supported toolset with all our ADICUP360 and ADICUP3029 projects. CrossCore® Embedded Studio | Analog Devices

    You can also "drag and drop" the pre-built .BIN file onto the ADICUP360.  This is the easiest way to program the board and get it up and running.  Of course this method is doesn't allow for software customization, but is another good way to verify things are working.

    Give this a try and let me know how you make out.