I can't make EVAL-CN057-ARDZ work with Arduino (ESP32)

Hello everyone!

I'm new in this community, excuse my ignorance in this thread as I'm not an expert in electronics, so my questions may be very quick to answer or obvious to some of you.

I have the smoke detection EVAL-CN057-ARDZ board together with an EVAL-ADICUP3029 development board. I'm designing a smoke alarm based on an esp32 using the Arduino IDE, and my only problem is that I can't find a way to send the data collected by the smoke sensor from the CN057 or the ADICUP3029 to the ESP32. 

I've followed the tutorial (https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/user-guides/eval-adicup3029/reference_designs/demo_cn0537) to make the smoke detection board work with the development board and can read the values through the ICL on UART in the computer (on Arduino IDE and PuTTY).

I've tried several channels to pass the information to the ESP32:

- Sending data through UART connecting Rx and Tx pins, and trying to control it through the ICL without success.

- Send data through the SPI (without success).

- Send data through the I2C by changing the JP1-6 pins (without the ADICUP3029, only using the sensor board - again without success.)


I'm trying to do something that I thought would be very simple, but I've been stuck with this for two weeks.

I'm not sure if my mistake is in the coding or in the hardware, I'm very lost at this point and would appreciate if someone can bring some light. I haven't found any examples, tutorials or libraries to work this out and my lack of knowledge is proven to be a big barrier. I would send pics of my wiring and code but I've tried so many things I don't really have a direction now.

Any help on these would be highly appreciated:

1. Do I need to use both boards (CN057+3029) or can I just use the CN057 and get the data from the sensor to ESP32?

2. Which protocol/channel should I use to easily share information with ESP32?

3. Any extra help/orientation or guides such as hardware schematics or a piece of code would be super helpful.

Thank you so much for your time, hope someone can give me a hand soon.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Aug 25, 2021 4:42 PM

    Hi arnaudonate,

    This is a loaded question.

    First I'm not clear on exactly what you are trying to do.  Do you have a block diagram or picture you can share so that I may better help steer the conversation? 

    The EVAL-CN0537-ARDZ is the smoke detection board, which connects with the EVAL-ADICUP3029.  The available embedded code is only usable by the EVAL-ADICUP3029.  (Not the Arduino ESP32 or any other processor for that matter)  The source for this is not available due to the fact that there is Analog Devices IP contained within that software.  So really all that is currently available for the CN0537 is an embedded executable file for demo purposes only. 

    If you are looking to do your own application code than you will need to create that yourself.  The bare metal driver for the smoke detector chip (ADPD188BI) is available here to provide a way of interfacing that with your MCU board of choice.