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Erroneous conductivity readings with ADuCM3029_demo_cn0428_cn0429

  • We are getting erroneous conductivity readings with ADuCM3029_demo_cn0428_cn0429.
  • This is with the latest hex file downloaded 4/1/2021.
  • We are using standard solution KCL-700, a 700 microsiemens solution.
  • We are using the recommended probes - Cole-Parmer 100-series Replacement Conductivity/Temperature Probe, K=1, 59200-06 probes
  • DIP switches are set to Z mode.
  • Mode is changed to conductivity.
  • We are getting a reading readings like 3e-07 S/cm (screenshot).
  • We should be getting readings like 7e-04 S/cm.


Thanks for your help.