Having issue with ADICUP3029 and CN0357 Example code. "Error 1"


I am working on a project using the EVAL-ADICUP3029 and the CN0357-ADRZ shield with a CO Sensor and have tried to run the example code to check how it operates, however, i seem to get issues with it continuously without even adding or modifying it. The following error i seem to get no matter what i do is "Error 1".

Following the screenshot i have found that that lines 44-47 can be commented out however it still comes out with the following message: 

After debugging the are no errors found apart from one within the progress tag of  CCES which says that the program file does not exist. To Address this I have tried to check that in [Debug Configuration] > [ main ] the project is selected. However the error continues so I am unsure if the issue i am having is directly related to Error 1 message or if it a series of errors i am getting. 

Can Someone Assist in this please.