[CN0409] Calculate the level of water turbidity

Hi all,

I'm developing a Water Turbidity Sensor based on CN0409.

After got grateful help from @Yoleri Yigit I solved some of issues with ADPD1080 driver.

But, the return signal of photodiodes still too noises, details of issues I have been declare here: 


I also have some other questions, please make me clearly understand it !

  1. After got the values from Data registers, The next step to calculate the Turbidity level is follow your formula ?


  1. In above formulas: the values of D2, D4, x, y are corresponding value of the data registers (0x64 to 0x6B) ?
  2. I seen the return signal too sensitive with the LED light source (May be the intensity of LED too high), in my application the LED and 2 photodiodes assembly too close, So I afraid that the result values always return zero. In this case, May I need to adjust the Time (LED_PULSE) and Time (LED_PERIOD) for reduce the light source or another solution ?

Thanks all !