DAQ-CN0350 Solution Input Charge

We are designing a new DAQ for measuring output from Hemispherical Resonator Gyroscope sensor.DAQ should meet the requirement of measuring charge of order 0.001pC at 5KHZ frequency.
Could you please confirm the solution based on CN0350 evaluation kit meets our requirement of measuring charge in order of femto coloumb.

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  • Hi Nikko,

    I have got CN3050 EValuation kit and tried to calibrate using function generator with 1KHZ sine wave of amplitude 1V as per the reference document.The output of FG is connected to CAL and NEG signals of J1 connector.After calibration for 1000pC,I tried to acquire the signals with same FG and the following observations were made:

    There is ripple overriding the sine wave and also the frequency of acquired signal is 50Hz which is equal to line frequency and the ripple frequency is 1Khz.

    If I change the amplitude of sine wave also there is no change in MIN and MAX coulomb values.

    Could you please provide your inputs to resolve this