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ADN8810 RESET and SB


If I will not use SB and RESET pins, how do I connect them? Connect them to ground? PVDD? NIC them?

Moreover the datasheet and some Q&As keep on mentioning that ADN8810 should be used on laser diodes (or diodes in general). I have an experiment that doesn't use diodes but a potentiometer. The circuit will still work yes?


  • Hi Glenn,

    Apologizes on the delay here, but this particular product is not supported in this forum.  However I was looking at the datasheet looks like the SB and RESET should be tied to the digital supply voltage(DVDD) if you don't want to use them.  

    Don't worry about only driving laser diodes, this device can be used as a current source for other things as well.  But typically laser diodes are tricky so we are just showing how you 'can' do it if you want.