CN0368 missing software files

Hi All,

I just bought the CN0368 eval kit but the link to download the software doesn't work.

The CD rom included with the Kit has some files pointing to the following link: : 

Can you please tell me from were I can download this software?


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 14, 2020 11:42 PM 9 months ago

    Hi User01,

    You can download the software at the link you have given. Specifically, it is at Evaluation

    You can also download the source files for the evaluation software at



  • Hi Nikko,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I've downloaded the software and it works but looking at the GUI I don't see the tab "Linear measurement".

    I  just see "Rotary Measurement" and "SDP Board Information".

    I need to test the sensor for linear measurements. Can you tell me if there is a complete version of the software that includes also this function?


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 23, 2020 8:20 AM 9 months ago in reply to User01

    Hi User01,

    The GUI software we used with both the linear and rotational measurement was primarily for characterization purposes only. The GUI software for customer evaluation is what is described in the user guide: The CN0368 is primarily for rotational measurement.

    For linear measurement, you can use the GUI evaluation software for the CN0341 which is compatible to the CN0368 board with a little modification to its EEPROM address. Follow these steps to change the EEPROM address:

    1. Connect the 120-pin connector on the EVAL-CN0341-SDPZ circuit board to the connector marked “CON A” on the EVAL-SDP-CB1Z evaluation (SDP) board. Nylon may be used to firmly secure the two boards, using the holes provided at the ends of the 120-pin connectors.
    2. Connect a +6 V power supply to the pins marked “+6V ”. If available, a +6 V "wall wart" can be connected to the barrel jack connector on the board and used in place of the +6 V power supply.
    3. Connect the USB cable supplied with the SDP board to the USB port on the PC and the SDP board.
    4. Open SDP EEPROMProgrammer.exe (Extract contents from the attached zip file) SDP EEPROM
      1. The application will attempt to connect to the board immediately
      2. Configure the application to load an existing file by using the following settings
    1. Connector : connectorA
    2. “Load Existing” selected
    • EEPROM Address : 0x54
    1. “Add Compatibility Info” should be left unchecked.
      1. Click the  button and navigate to the supplied programming file named CN0341.dat (See attached)
      2. Click the “Write File to EEPROM” button.

    NOTE: If the application returns an error on the first try, simply attempt to write the file again.  If it continues to fail disconnect the board from the PC, then the SDP Board from the Daughterboard, then remove power and try again.

      1. Select File -> Exit
      2. Turn off power to EVAL-CN0341-SDPZ circuit board.
      3. Leave EVAL-SDP-CB1Z evaluation board connected to both the PC and EVAL-CN0341-SDPZ.

    You can download the evaluation software for the CN0341 at The CN0341 user guide can be found at