CN0359 power consumption

Hello Dear All...

We have CN0359 dev kit and we want to use the hardware as a refference in our design.

Power consumption is important for us , because our design will work with batteries. Actually we want to build portable EC meter with the reference of CN0359 design.

We measure the power consumption of the CN0359 and it was like around 350mA.

When we cancelled the LCD and All amplifiers used in EC measuring.

The power consumption decreased to 130mA which is too much for us.

From there we observed that LCD and EC measuring use around 220 mA.

We want to take some advised from you to reduce the power consumption.

First we need to make same changes in hardware if possible.

Secondly we want to change the CN0359 source code. We are thinking to add some sleep mode codes to source code.

For both of them we kindly wait support from Engineering Zone family...